Paul has been involved with professional photography production for over 12 years. He grew up in London, UK until 2013 where he moved to Texas USA to be with his wife and son & Build a customer base in the United States, they now reside in Belfast, with offices in UK & United States.
As a business owner for his own photography firm since 2009, He has created images that have been published in national magazines, used in product packaging, web applications and printed as huge murals for corporate conference rooms and sold as fine art cards.
“I love trying to capture and reveal the natural beauty of the person, place or thing I am photographing.  I enhance my photographs to try and bring back to the viewer what they would experience if they were there. Currently cameras just cannot capture the dynamic range that the human eye can see. I try to restore those ranges in tones and colors to my final images. Ironically I often hear; ‘It looks more like a painting than a photograph!’ My response often is that the image actually looks more like reality than a photograph.”
Paul’s specialties include Commercial, Editorial, Portrait photography & Concept. Dedicated Photographers for Paul Marshall Photography cover the work in the US but Paul travels in to the states on many assignments at no extra cost to his clients & to visit family